Here we are at the beginning of 2014. It’s already looking to be a pretty busy year for me and I have loads to talk about but, I’ll just touch on a couple of the more important things…

Perhaps the most important thing! Good news everyone! I’ll be done drawing THE CABINET within the next couple weeks! It’s like I’m yelling at you because I keep using exclamation marks!!!
It’s true though. There are less than 20 pages left to draw. I’ve been bouncing back and forth on other projects and doing big chunks of this book for awhile now. It’s finally almost here and should be available to all the Kickstrter backer really soon. I’m also going to be getting started on some of the reward drawings for backers that have ’em coming in the next week or so.

Here’s a page to whet your whistler:
cabinet for blog

The web comic I’m drawing that’s written by Ross Thibodeaux and lettered by Peter Simeti, EGO TRIPP had a short break over the holidays and is back today with a new installment! While I’m finishing up THE CABINET we are changing up the schedule a bit so keep an eye on it! READ EGO TRIPP!

Yes, METAPHASE is finally moving again. Writer Chip Reece is finalizing the details for the Kickstarter and that should begin sometime in the next couple weeks. There are a lot of great artists that have done some drawings to help out and there will be a lot of cool stuff. I finished a new cover for the book the other day and here is a peek..

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 8.52.10 PM

Of course there will be more on the kickstarter once it launches.

I’m still doing things with Grayhaven Comics here and there when I have a minute. I’ve recently done a couple covers for them too. One is for the PUBLIC DOMAIN anthology.

It looks a little like this…
pd coversmall

I also illustrated a story in that book that I’m pretty happy with.

The other is for the HEY KIDS FANTASY anthology. I just did this one over the last couple days. It’s the first time I’ve painted a cover, it was fun!

It resembles this…
GH Fantasy coversmall

I also have a couple other stories in other books from them as well.

And it’s just the first of the year! I haven’t even mentioned the Sci Fi thing I’m working on with Antony Del Col (of KILL SHAKESPEARE) yet!

I’m also going to be at a few cons this year, so keep an eye out!

About treebeerdy

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing comics for about half my life. I try to work in all mediums that I possibly can but love working with a brush and a bottle of ink. If you like what you see here and need an artist for something, drop me a line.
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