When the COVID-19 really hit the fan and locked us all in our homes it had a rippling effect that hit small businesses and industries hard. Comics was no exception. With a lot of creators on regular books getting “pencil down orders”, Diamond pausing distribution and comic shops closing down, some for good, It left a soggy yuck hole in the middle of everything.

There have been various fundraisers and events to help raise money to assist shops and creators who have found themselves with nothing in the middle of all of this.

I started thinking that since a lot of us were going to end up with time on our hands, maybe we could do something to put out new comics and give the community at large a chance to get their work seen. So.. COMICS BECAUSE COMICS!

Now, I am late to getting this started. Turns out the project I’m working on wasn’t really effected (not yet at least) so finding the time to sit down and get this started was tougher than I’d hoped. Here we are though! The point here is that (hopefully) new creators, pro’s and established creators and so on can all put together 1 to 4 page comics that are stand alone and be in one place side by side. Hopefully giving new creators more exposure and old creators a way to maybe do something quick with next to no limitations… other than the 1 to 4 pages thing.

I don’t know how long this will run. Basically as long as I am receiving submissions and can make the time to post without it getting in the way of work.

So, yes, submissions are open. Here are a few question answer things.. just pretend you’re asking the questions. I guess you can imagine whoever you want answering, Me, Burgess Meredith, your mother, whatever…

Who can submit comics: Anyone. Even if you are a writer with no artist. I’ll try to hook you up with an artist, letterer, etc. if I can. Again, my time is limited as is any artists who may be available.

Where do I send my submission: You can email any questions or comics to

Are there rules about content: I’m trying this with very little in the way of content rules. We’ll see how that goes. I won’t allow any racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, misogynistic and so on stuff. You know. You don’t need to ask. If I find out you are involved with hate groups or are a troublesome sort, I’ll remove your work. I reserve the right to make judgement calls. So if that’s your thing, get lost.

When are comics posted: Originally the plan was daily. It may be spread out a little more for now. There should be new comics posted, as long as I’m getting them, at least weekly. Daily when it’s possible.

What about credit? How does this help me: There is no money. So only submit if you have something you just want to get out there. I plan to try and include any links to websites, social media, whatever for everyone on your creative team. Yes, you can include a link to a kickstarter. I can’t promise it will go up in time but, you can. You retain all ownership and control. You want to take it down? Just let me know. I’ll take it down. Ohhh.. you better bet I will…

What if I’m Impatient: Good question, thank you so much for asking. Don’t be. This is just me and only when I have time. If you don’t hear anything for awhile, that’s not a bad thing. I can just take a little bit to get back but I almost probably most likely will.

OK! Let’s get to some comics…

SEDIMENT by Michael T. West    @onemwest




TRASH PANDA DIARIES by Kali Workman     @kalilak11

trash panda diaries


ONE LAST DRINK Written by Jeff Rider with art by Davide Puppo, colors by Anthony Lee and letters by Cardinal Rae



By Dave Wachter   @davewachter

wahcter 2