I draw pictures, mainly comic books.

I’ve done work with Alterna Comics, as well as Caryn A Tate’s Red Plains for TopShelf2.0, and also years of self publishing.
I was artist and co-creator of video game parody web comic Co-Op, and was the creator of Jungle Planet with Topsoilcomics.
I’m a freelance artist. If you need it, I’ll draw it.

You can follow me on twitter here, because I use it.
And I also have one of them there deviantart pages located here.

I am a freelance illustrator, so if you are interested in any of my work and need someone, email me at allmattersgrey@gmail.com .

Check out my Etsy store for art sales and limited edition prints!

I am currently working on making it easier to purchase directly from here, until then you can also purchase the dwarf prints on Big Cartel.


6 Responses to About

  1. Paintblotch says:

    Are you on google+? would love to add you to my circle 🙂

  2. sugarblast says:

    i nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award. great style!

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