So looking as I come here to post this years Inktober series.. I realize that my last post was.. um.. inktober of last year.. which I didn’t finish..

Well, this year I’m doing all Pokémon in Halloween themed settings, costumes, etc.

I’m going to finish.

It’s been a weird busy year so the only other thing I’m dropping here is make sure to pick up THE DARK: COLLECTION ONE at your local comic shop on October 30th! This is a collection of the first 4 THE DARK stories and includes a ton of new and extra stuff. Coming to you via Source Point Press! (You can also order from the Source Point store)


So, on to INKTOBER!


Now that we’re at the end, all drawings are for sale. If it’s available, the price is next to it. I’ll try to update which ones are sold as they go.

They are all 6×9.

If interested, email to see if it’s available.


1- Pikachu: SOLD



1 pikachu

2- Gengar: $60

2 gengar

3- Jigglypuff: SOLD

3 jigglypuff

4- Likitung: $60

4 likitung

5- Elekid: $60

5 elekid

6- Glalie & Mr. Mime: $70

6 glalie mime

7- Psyduck & Phantump: SOLD

7 psyduck phantump

8- Squirtle: SOLD

8 squirtle

9- Mimikyu: SOLD

9 mimikyu

10- Farfetch’d: SOLD

10 farfetchd

11- SOLD

11 cubone

12- Weezing: $60

12 weezing

13- Noibat: SOLD

13 noibat

14- Voltorb & Pancham: $60

14 voltorb pancham

15- Snorlax: $60

15 snorlax

16- Geodude: SOLD

16 geodude

17- Bulbasaur: SOLD

17 bulbasaur

18- SOLD

18 pumpkaboo

19- Tangela $60

19 tangela

20- Crustle $60

20 crustle

21- Charmander SOLD

21 charmander

22- Slowking $70

22 slowking

23- Ludicolo SOLD

23 Ludicolo

24- Eevee SOLD

24 evee

25- SOLD

25 meowth minun plulse

26- Magnemite $60

26 magnemite

27- SOLD

27 litten

28- Dugtrio $60

28 dugtrio

29- SOLD

29 scorbunny

30- Onix & Gastly $70

30 onix gastly

31- Croagunk SOLD


31 croagunk.jpg



About treebeerdy

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing comics for about half my life. I try to work in all mediums that I possibly can but love working with a brush and a bottle of ink. If you like what you see here and need an artist for something, drop me a line.
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