I’m drawing a new web comic! (and a quick THE CABINET update.

I was wondering yesterday why I don’t have a blog, then I remembered I do! It’s been a hectic year, between all the hospital dramas at the beginning and the scurrying to get caught up as more and more projects came across my table. It’s been hard to find time to keep up with these posts. I’m crossing my fingers that I can start posting here a bit more regularly soon.

For today though, I just wanted to post something really quickly announcing that a webcomic I’ve been working on with writer Ross Thibodeaux (being lettered by Peter Simeti) is launching tomorrow (Sunday, December 8th). It’s called EGO TRIPP and pays some homage to old newspaper comics by way of nods to Dick Tracy and the like. It’s a bit of comedy with a smidgen of noir with a nice thick layer of surprises! It’s pretty exciting. We’re going with a goal of 8 pages every Sunday. So that’s plenty to look forward to!


You can follow the adventures of Tripp Fenton every Sunday at www.sundystrips.com

Now for a quick and simple update on THE CABINET.
Christian Sager sent me the final script for the 5th and final chapter earlier this week! I’m finishing up chapter 4 this weekend. So, there are less than 30 pages to draw and THE CABINET is finished! I am going to post more on that later this week along with a new preview page or two. Thanks to everyone who has been waiting! Your patients is appreciated and will be paying off REALLY SOON!!

Got a couple other things going on right now, can’t wait to talk about them! For now, gotta get back to drawing them comics!

Oh, also, A couple kickstarter shout outs…

Memoirs of the Mysterious is an anthology featuring a ton of talented folks, somehow I drew a story that is included in it as well! Give it a look and consider it HERE

My good friend Jamie Guy, who some of you may remember as my collaborator on the old CO-OP web comic, is heading up development on a sweet new action platformer video game! I even did a little work on some of the characters. It’s getting down to it’s final days, so give it a look LOBODESTROYO!

About treebeerdy

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing comics for about half my life. I try to work in all mediums that I possibly can but love working with a brush and a bottle of ink. If you like what you see here and need an artist for something, drop me a line.
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