A Maiden A Day: Day 1

I don’t remember how old I was the first time I heard Iron Maiden. I was pretty young though. I know they weren’t the first heavy metal band I ever heard, not even the first one I liked. They have always somehow been a constant in my life though some how. I never stopped liking them even when I kinda stopped listening to metal for awhile. I still own CD’s and stuff and put them on every now and again.
I did stop checking out newer material after awhile though. I think the last Iron Maiden record I bought was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, on the day it came out actually, but more on that later.
I haven’t really tried anything beyond that. Unless I’ve heard something in passing and just forgot about it.

We were driving to take our daughter back to school and go to an art museum yesterday and I, for some reason, put on Number of the Beast (a favorite that is probably the one I still listen to the most) in the car and realized I was very much enjoying it. Then I started thinking about my younger years listening to them and realizing that I could associate them as much with growing up and some major events as I could Punk and Hardcore.

So I decided to go back and listen to every Iron Maiden album from the beginning, all the way up to the latest. I realize I might have to double up on a couple and perhaps skip a live one or two, it’s mainly to sit and think about each one again and also give the ones I never have a chance. Plus, it could be fun, even if I hate the stuff I haven’t heard.

So, first up Iron Maidens debut album “Iron Maiden”. This is actually the first thing I ever shop lifted. Not that I did a shit ton, in fact this was the only thing that wasn’t magazines or comics from a grocery store. Don’t judge me.
I pocketed this and a Sex Pistols cassette. I was already listening to Iron Maiden at this point but I had never heard the self titled album. So, you can imagine my surprise when 8 (I think) year old me put it excitedly into my cassette/record player combo and discovered that GASP Bruce Dickinson wasn’t on vocals! It was another guy by the name of Paul Di’Anno. Who wasn’t the very first Iron Maiden vocalist, but the first on full length records and the last before Dickinson who joined the band on Number of the Beast. Which I hadn’t heard anything before NotB at that point, so shock and disgust!! All of that AND the Eddie on the cover looked like some kind of strung out Lita Ford or some shit.
There were still songs that I liked. Some of it kind of has a Punk vibe to it. Regardless, I put it away in favor of it’s partner in my crime, the Sex Pistols.

So, here I am listening to it today and enjoying it a lot. I mean, it is what it is. You can hear a lot of the guitar solos and “riffs” you later recognize as that “Maiden sound” I guess. Hard to pick a song to share so I found a live video version of “Running Free” with Di’Anno. RUNNING FREE

Though I do think “Prowler” has always been a favorite from this album for me. PROWLER

The track listing:
2.”Remember Tomorrow”
3.”Running Free”
4.”Phantom of the Opera”
5.”Transylvania” (instrumental)
6.”Strange World”
7.”Charlotte the Harlot”
8.”Iron Maiden”

So, I’m going to listen to an Iron Maiden album avery day until I’ve listened to at least every studio album. Doing this while working and I’ll also be updating everyone on a couple new projects as well as where we are on THE CABINET and HOBO KINGS.

Oh, and if time permits, a quick daily Eddie sketch as well:

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I am a freelance artist that has been drawing comics for about half my life. I try to work in all mediums that I possibly can but love working with a brush and a bottle of ink. If you like what you see here and need an artist for something, drop me a line.
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