Alphabooks- D is for Dobby

Ha! It’s D day! (sorry)
I liked doing this one. I was going to try and do a different character, something that might have been a less obvious choice of Harry Potter character for D. Then I started coming up with ideas and couldn’t deny the power of Dobby.

D is for Dobby:

I think I’ve decided to try and finish out like this. Try and do full color as long as I have time and use the flat shading. I’ve become a bit obsessive about trying to keep these things uniform in their look and style. I may even go back and recolor A – C before everything is said and done. Then again I have a lot of other things to do, so, meh…

I liked the gentleness and curiosity of Dobby. Once he was freed, I imagine some of the simplest of things probably brought him hours of bewilderment and joy as he discovered them through newly freed eyes. Newly freed, giant saucer like eyes.

About treebeerdy

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing comics for about half my life. I try to work in all mediums that I possibly can but love working with a brush and a bottle of ink. If you like what you see here and need an artist for something, drop me a line.
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