Gus has a Sweet Tooth… umm.. I guess that’s why they call the book SweetTooth….

I’m working on exactly 189 projects at the same time right now. I got a bit of a late start getting to the work today. After finishing up layouts on some Cabinet pages and a lengthy phone call on my Paranormal investigation project (I am going out for the first time this Saturday. Finally!) I sat down and played Minecraft on the Xbox for a little bit. Never messed with that game before, but, I can see some of the charm of it for sure.
I came in and sat down to try and finish a rather long running illustration for a card game and just looked at the screen. My brain totally wasn’t getting in on this. So I sat here for a bit and then decided to draw something different and just try to kick start myself awake (I’m up until at least 3 in the morning most nights working). I ended up doing a drawing I kinda liked and got through with quickly. So I thought I would share.

Gus from Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire:

I’m a huge fan of Lemires work and have been since the Essex county days (if you have never read those books get out there and do it now!!) I was excited to see him become such a huge player on the DC books over the last couple years as well. I think the best thing he has been doing though is his original series, Sweet Tooth. Some of you may know him through his work on the Frankenstein book DC put out or his work on Animal Man. Perhaps even his run on Superboy before DC decided it needed to reset the clock because it wanted to do more Wildstorm books or whatever.

The point is He is an awesome writer. I can’t suggest him as a story teller enough! Sweet tooth is ending soon, at issue 40 I think. You should do yourself a favor and check the series out. You should also remember that his new graphic novel “Underwater Welder” is coming out from TopShelf in the near future, It’s already available for pre-order practically everywhere.

So here is another quick drawing and info on a great writer. See… I told you I was gonna try and post more.

Also, this is another done entirely in Manga Studio4 debut.

About treebeerdy

I am a freelance artist that has been drawing comics for about half my life. I try to work in all mediums that I possibly can but love working with a brush and a bottle of ink. If you like what you see here and need an artist for something, drop me a line.
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