INKTOBER 2015, THE ADDAMS FAMILY! (and what’s been going on)

I’ve been super busy the last few months and have fallen off hard on keeping the site up to date. Super quick run down before I post some Inktober drawings…

I drew a story written by Justin Jordan in the upcoming issue #8 of EERIE from Dark Horse Comics! It’s out in December and is in this months Previews. So go to your local comic shop and order it!

I am heading out soon for our yearly visit to Grand Rapids Michigan. I will be at the Grand Rapids Comic Con October 16th-18th! There is still time to get in on pre-order commissions, just email me at allmattersgrey at gmail dot com.

Okay, art!

This year for #inktober I am doing all Addams Family, all month long. Some portraits, some comics, all Addams. I’m 8 days in, so here we go…
(There will be a week or so delay on posts due to being in Michigan. I’ll still be posting on social media though)

Gomez Addams
inktober 1

Morticia Addams SOLD
inktober 2.1

Fester Addams and Thing SOLD
inktober 3

Cousin It
inktober 4

Wednesday Addams SOLD
inktober 5

Grandmama Addams (with bonus)
inktober 6
inktober 6.2

inktober 7

Pugsley Addams
inktober 8

10 point dive
inktober 9

Chinese Takeout
inktober 10

Uncle Fester SOLD
inktober 11

Surprise Lunch
inktober 12

It’s Electric
inktober 13

Gomez Addams
inktober 14

Uncle Fester & Pugsley Addams
inktober 15

Gomez & Morticia Addams SOLD
inktober 16

Grandmama Addams
inktober 17

inktober 18

A Game of Hangman SOLD
inktober 19

Cousin It
inktober 20

Uncle Fester and Thing feed Muerto
inktober 21

Morticia listens to the Misfits SOLD
inktober 22

Gomez accepts a delivery
inktober 23

Pumpkin Carving Contest SOLD
inktober 24

It’s a trap?
inktober 25

inktober 26

Grandmama relaxin’
inktober 27

At the dog park
inktober 28th

A look back
inktober 29

‘Tis the season
inktober 30

Family Motto SOLD
inktober 31small

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Heores Con is next weekend! My favorite show of the year, really looking forward to it and seeing friends!

You can find Christian Sager and I at table 1618 in Artist Alley. We’ll have comics, prints, art and I’ll be doing commissions. We are also trying a special comic strip commission thing at this show!


I’ve been working on commissions for Heroes and Memphis Comic Expo (from last weekend) so I thought I would post them here leading up to the show. I’ll add the newer ones as they are completed.


black lagoon 9x12

donraph small

hobbit smaugsmall

pinhead squirl

clayface sketch


ERASER small

fin goom dru small

storm shadow small

vader small

voljin smalliron giant smal

jabba small

kitty small

serpent society small

animal mansmall

medusa lcokjaw small

scarlett vison

doomsday avengers small

Bonus: A couple pages for a short I did recently…

minefield page1small

minefield page3small

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It’s coming up fast, my favorite show of the year, HEROES CON!

I’m officially open for pre-orders and will be trying to take all that I can handle between now and the middle of June. Here’s a run down on pricing…

HEROES CON pre show commission list is now open! Here’s a rough break down of the pricing:

11×14 black and white $40

11×14 full color $60

11×17 black and white $80

11×17 full color $100

All black and white have gray washes and all full color are done in ink and watercolor.

These are full body (or mostly) and if you want more than one character I generally do 10 bucks extra per character.

I’m also going to take a couple 12 x18 watercolors for $200 each. That is going to be a very limited number though. Probably only 4.

If you have any questions about other sizes and pricing or whatever, just let me know.

email me at allmattersgrey at gmail dot com.

I’m also taking pre-orders for MEMPHIS COMIC EXPO, same stuff applies.

Friday, May 15th Chip Reece and I will be doing an in store signing for METAPHASE at Arkham Comics in Blytheville Arkansas. So if you are in the area, come in and get an advance copy straight from us!

The next day, Saturday, May 16th, we’ll be at LITTLE ROCK COMIC CON as well! So, you can hang out there too!

Here’s a Galactus and Silver Surfer.

galactus silver turned

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Come See Me at C2E2 AA L8!

That’s right! Myself and Christian Sager will be at C2E2 this weekend. We’ll be at table L8 in Artist Alley and we’ll have plenty of comics, prints and art. We’ll have copies of THE CABINET and CANAAN CULT REVIVAL as well as various other issues. I will also have a limited number of METAPHASE at the table with me. METAPHASE (written by Chip Reece, who sadly won’t be in attendance) is in this months Previews for pre-order at your local comic shops but, I’ll have advance copies available while they last.

I’ll also be taking commissions as time permits. I did a round of pre-show commissions over the last few weeks. I figured I’d post them here (except a couple I’ve been asked not to post. At the time of posting this I have 3 more to finish, so I’ll update with them later.)!

batman vs superman smallbabylon smallgamera s,allJD c2e2 smallkitty smalllink MK smallmerv pumpkinhead smallpearl smallrocket boom smallryuk smallthe vision small

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Hello internet! It’s been awhile! You likely didn’t even realize it. That’s cool, man. That’s cool.

Been a busy few months. I wrapped up art on METAPHASE last week and it’s on track to be on shelves in a couple months! I’ve had a few other projects release over the last few months as well Including Angel With A Bullet: YOLO and a short I drew in the Killer Queen Anthology, both of which are from Red Stylo.

I’m busy getting ready for con season too. Here is the schedule as it stands now:

Planet Comic Con- Kansas City, MO. March 13th-15th

Mid South Con- Memphis, TN. March 20-22

C2E2- Chicago, IL. April, 24-26

Art Pop- Jonesboro, AR. May 2-3

Memphis Comic Expo- Memphis, TN. June 6-7

Heroes- Charlotte, NC. June 19-21

I may be adding more shows soon. Bonus, With the exception of a couple, I’ll be with my partner on THE CABINET, Christian Sager. Metaphase writer, Chip Reece, will be joining us at PCC as well (hopefully along with some copies of METAPHASE!)

I’m open for pre-show commissions for Planet Comic Con and C2E2. If you are interested and are attending one of the shows, you can contact me at .
Pricing is something like this:

9×12 Black and white head shot- $25

11×14 Black and White full (with gray wash) $40

11×14 Full color (washes) $50

11×17 Black and White $70

11×17 Full color $90

I’m also offering a limited number of watercolor painting spots, just ask!

Now that I’m finished with METAPHASE I’m working on some other things but I also started a little side comic that I’m posting here on this site under it’s own tab. CAST OUT is following a caveman for the moment. I’m not sure where it will end up but, it’ll be updated a lot. We’re already on page 5 and I just started a couple days ago!

Here’s some recent commissions and drawings:

william soulless cover 1

breath of bones small

wonder woman

afternoon monster

devil dino moonsmall


tetsuo wc


emperor vader

I also did a series of new prints that are Batman themed and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with pets. Here’s a couple of those. They are available in my ETSY SHOP

tmnt prints sheet

bat prints sheet

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Another long period of no posts here. Been really busy with various projects and cons and travel and so on.

This month I have two big ongoing things I’ll be posting about. First is a new horror anthology called CANAAN CULT REVIVAL. My partner on THE CABINET, Christian Sager, writes most of these stories centered on demonology and exorcism. With a fantastic roster of artists, some of which I’ve had the immense pleasure of getting to know over the last couple years, this magazine style anthology is set to bring the creeps and scares right outta ya! The kickstarter launched this week and runs through Halloween night. The beauty here is the book is already complete. We are raising money for printing and to pay artists. So on Halloween night, once successful, the digital copies of the book will go out to backers! There are a ton of fantastic rewards. From digital comic samplers from all of the creators involved to an awesome paper craft horror set! ¬†Loads of original art options as well, including original pages from the book.

Please give it a look and consider backing. Helping spread the word is huge too! All of which is greatly appreciated!

I’m trying to participate in INKtober, where I do a new drawing everyday in ink. I do this anyway while drawing pages and commissions but, I’m doing extra themed drawings everyday. What’s the theme? Horror, of course! It is October after all..

We’ve added my #inktober drawings to the CANAAN CULT REVIVAL kickstarter as rewards. Limited, so act fast!

Frankensteins Monster… in space! SOLD


inktober leatherface small

The Wolfman SOLD
inktober wolfmansmall

Freddy Krueger
inktober freddy

DR. Hill (the Re-Animator)
inktober dr.hillsmall

Where’s my cake?! (from the Fathers Day story in the original Creepshow)
inktober fathers day CSmall

Chop Top (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)
inktober chop topsmall

Chucky from Child’s Play
inktober chucky

Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes (original)
inktober pluto

Killer Klowns From Outer Space
inktober klowns

Guardian from Big Trouble In Little China
inktober gaurdian

Reagan from The Exorcist (SOLD)
inktober exorcist

Sam from Trick ‘r Treat
inktober sam

Fats from MAGIC
inktober fats

Grandpa Sawyer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
inktober grandpa

Evil Ash from Army of Darkness
inktober evil ash

Mrs. Voorhees and her son Jason from Friday the 13th (2)
inktober jasonv

inktober noferatu

inktober pumpkinhead

Dr.Decker from Nightbreed
inktober Dr. Deker

Jack (Meatloaf) from American Werewolf in London
inktober jack

Hannibal Lector
inktober hannible

Barlow from Salem’s Lot
inktober Barlow

Henrietta from Evil Dead 2
inktober henrietta

Matthew Buckner from Cabin in the Woods
inktober Matthew Buckner

Sasquatch from EXISTS
inktober sasquatch

Ash’s Bad Hand from Evil Dead 2
inktober Ashs hand

The Mummy
inktober mummy

The Troll from Cat’s Eye
inktober goblin

Monster Mash!
inktober monster mash

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River City Comic Expo is this weekend!

I thought I’d pop in and post about River City Comic Expo this weekend, Saturday August 16th in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m gonna be there, and if you are in the are, you should be too!!

I had meant to post that I was taking commission pre-orders for the show sooner but, this is a busy month for me. There are a lot of exciting things going on!
I am taking early requests for a couple days this week though. So if you are attending the show and would like to get a commission to pick up at the show, shoot me an e-mail at allmattersgrey at gmail dot com.

I will be taking commissions at the show as well. I’ll also have copies of Christian Sager and I’s horror graphic novel, THE CABINET! As well as loads of original art and pages. (I’ll have all of the originals from THE CABINET there for sale as well) Prints and etc…

I’ve been back on a fairly regular warm up sketch routine the last couple weeks. So I figured I would post some of those and a couple recent commissions….

werewolf CA


your wife

akira doodle

arseface and cassidy


battling boy


Princess Mononoke

star lord small


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Here we are at the seventh and final day of Super Bear week! I’ve had a lot of fun with these and I still have a few ideas I haven’t done yet. So I’m sure there will be more when I have the time.

For today I wanted to go out with a bang. I thought on the Avengers a bit but, man, everything is the Avengers right now! So, I give you the Cubs or the Atom!

x bears

I’ve had a lot of people asking if this weeks drawings were going to be for sale. Odds are pretty good they will be. At some point.

Thanks for watching!

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Running a bit behind today and had to rush a bit. Better late than never though!!

Todays bear is one of my favorites!

Doctor Strange Bear!
doc strange bear

Tomorrow is the last day and I (hopefully) Have a special going out with a bang type bear planned!

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I didn’t make a decision until this morning on what to do for todays bear. I decided to get the one super goofy one out.

modok bear

Two more days left. I plan to end with a special installment on Saturday.

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