Today is the inevitable Dynamic Duo. Batman and Robin bears!

dynamic duo bears

The Bearnamic duo.

See you tomorrow at the same bear-channel!

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Today’s bear is my favorite bear so far.

Tremble, mortals!

galactus bear

See you tomorrow with another bear!

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Late last night after a full day laying out EGO TRIPP pages I decided to do a drawing just for fun. After very little thought I decided to draw a bear dressed like Thor. Because bears are awesome and fun to draw. Dressing them up in drawings is even more fun.
I posted a pic on twitter of the drawing and, well people liked it I guess. Actually, it’s very flattering. I haven’t had anything spread that much before.

This morning I woke up and started thinking about a Ghost Rider bear. I couldn’t shake it, so that’s the first thing I did before getting to work on projects.
Again, the response has been awesome. People like bears! I do too!

I am generally not one to try and drive something like this into the dirt. I appreciate the shares, favorites, RT’s etc. but, I don’t want to over stay my welcome. Usually. Truth is, I want to draw more of these freaking bears! They are fun to draw and I keep coming up with new ones I want to do.
So I’m going to do SUPER BEAR WEEK! I’m going to do a new bear drawing every morning this week as a warm up. I’ll even take suggestions. Plus, I have been neglecting my blog for a while now, so this gives me a week of stuff to post!

So to start it off, here are the ones from last night and today…

thor bear

ghost rider bear

These may end up for sale in my shop. Not sure though. See you tomorrow!

P.S. You can still get copies of our graphic novel THE CABINET in my ETSY SHOP, I will be shipping some out very soon.

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Special Pre-Orders available for THE CABINET graphic novel!!

It’s been awhile! I’ve been REALLY busy and it’s starting to show.

Christian Sager and I were both at Heroes Con again this year and we had…THE CABINET!
We got our copies for kickstarter backers and a few extra for people who stopped by at Heroes. The book was really well received and we owe a HUGE thank you to everyone who checked it out and had great things to say.
I did A LOT of commissions for the show but, I’m a bit of an idiot and forgot to get pics of most of them. What I did get I’ll try and post here very soon.

For now, THE CABINET is in a very limited state. We have just placed 10 copies up for pre-order in my ETSY SHOP (each comes signed and sketched in by me, probably throw another sketch in too). For the time being, this is the only way to get a copy of the book unless you were a Kickstarter backer.

cabinet cover finalsmall

I may have copies at a couple of the remaining shows I’m doing this year as well. The rest of my con schedule is…

River City Comic Expo- August 16th

Memphis Comic Expo- September 13th

Air Capitol comic con- November 16th

Grand Rapids Comic Con- November 21-23

Well, back to work! Help spread the word about THE CABINET!!

Oh, and here’s a sketch of Godzilla:

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Little Rock Comic Con was pretty great!

Yesterday I was at Little Rock Comic Con for the first time. It’s a pretty small and new con and when I first got there it was a little bumpy. I was set up in the lobby and a little confused since I hadn’t even seen what was going on inside. They just filled up a lot faster than they expected I think. I think things got away from them in the planning department so they did what they could to accommodate. My hat is off to them though. It wasn’t long before I was inside at a regular table and everyone was super nice and helpful. For all of my grumbling at the rocky start, the staff was fantastic and did a tremendously great job. I was happy to hear that the attendance far exceeded expectations. I was also pleasantly surprised at how busy I stayed. I was talking to people and working on drawings pretty much non stop the whole day through. People were really into THE CABINET pages I brought out to show and I’m even more excited to get the book into peoples hands now! I even sold a page from THE CABINET. It was the first I’ve let go of but, I know it is in a good home.

I talked to so many kids wanting to draw comics or that are already doing their own comics, it was very, very awesome. I even got to do a drawing of one girls character, one of the high points of the show for me!
It was also awesome to see Ryan Wheaton again and talk for a bit.

Thanks to everyone who came out and chatted, took a second to look through my stuff and just supported me and the other artists there!!

Now, Time to get ready for Heroes! A little flying thingy of some type may have told me that THE CABINET is printed and off for binding. Look for that, Christian Sager, EC Steiner and me!

Hopefully I’ll post again before the show. For now, here’s another commission I just wrapped up…
dream and death

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Pre-Heroes con commissions now open!

Heroes is just a few weeks away! This year I am taking pre-con commissions. I’ll only be taking a limited number so if you’re interested, act fast! Sizes range from 9×12 to 11×17 and prices from $20 to $50. If you are interested email me at
This round of commissions are only for Heroes Con attendees. You’ll need to pick it up from me there. I will be doing commissions at the show as well, these are just for early birds and a slightly cheaper rate.

Also at Heroes should be THE CABINET! The files went off to the printer a week or so ago and Christian Sager and I should have copies of the book available at Heroes! Very exciting. So come say hi!

I’ll also be at Little Rock Comic Con on June 7th. I’ll have prints and books and be taking commissions there as well.

Just for fun… I’ve been printing out random Jack Kirby pencils and inking over them. This is a fun exercise and I’ve even picked up on a couple things about the way I draw that I’ve never realized before. Here’s one…

kirby red skull

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THE CABINET update! (hint.. it’s almost done!)

I’ve been looking forward to posting this for a while now…. I wrapped up the interior art on THE CABINET last week! All pages are with Christian and he is madly knocking out the lettering! The book is really close to being in peoples hands. Get excited! No? Fine, here’s a couple pages from the 5th and final chapter!

cabinet page 83

cabinet page 84

Once the book is off to the printer I’ll post another update. For now though, it looks like Christian Sager and I will have the book available at our table at Heroes in June!

For those that didn’t know, I had some medical issues again a few weeks ago. Nothing big, my appendix ruptured and had to be ripped out of there. Then a couple silly things happened and I was in the hospital for a couple weeks. So I fell behind on things like THE CABINET and EGO TRIPP. Which, is being corrected now! EGO TRIPP returns this weekend (April 13th)!

et cover 3

When I was released from the hospital I went home and rested for a couple days and then drove 8 hours to attend Planet Comic Con! Well, first I drove to METAPHASE writer, Chip Reece’s house and stayed the night with him and his family. It was great to meet in person and we had a blast at PCC. I met so many great people! Everyone of them a pleasure. I was surprised at just how great everyone was. I had a great weekend and definitely plan to attend next year!
Next up I’ll be at Little Rock Comic Con and then Heroes.

Speaking of METAPHASE… I’ll be starting on layouts for that next week.

Aaaannd finally, There is only one day left (9 hours actually) in the new Doc Unknown kickstarter.
Always great books! Get in on that!

I’ve inadvertently been doing some sort of Doc Unknown drawing every time a new book is coming out. I was pressed for time, but I wasn’t going to break my streak!

doc framed

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