THE CABINET update! (hint.. it’s almost done!)

I’ve been looking forward to posting this for a while now…. I wrapped up the interior art on THE CABINET last week! All pages are with Christian and he is madly knocking out the lettering! The book is really close to being in peoples hands. Get excited! No? Fine, here’s a couple pages from the 5th and final chapter!

cabinet page 83

cabinet page 84

Once the book is off to the printer I’ll post another update. For now though, it looks like Christian Sager and I will have the book available at our table at Heroes in June!

For those that didn’t know, I had some medical issues again a few weeks ago. Nothing big, my appendix ruptured and had to be ripped out of there. Then a couple silly things happened and I was in the hospital for a couple weeks. So I fell behind on things like THE CABINET and EGO TRIPP. Which, is being corrected now! EGO TRIPP returns this weekend (April 13th)!

et cover 3

When I was released from the hospital I went home and rested for a couple days and then drove 8 hours to attend Planet Comic Con! Well, first I drove to METAPHASE writer, Chip Reece’s house and stayed the night with him and his family. It was great to meet in person and we had a blast at PCC. I met so many great people! Everyone of them a pleasure. I was surprised at just how great everyone was. I had a great weekend and definitely plan to attend next year!
Next up I’ll be at Little Rock Comic Con and then Heroes.

Speaking of METAPHASE… I’ll be starting on layouts for that next week.

Aaaannd finally, There is only one day left (9 hours actually) in the new Doc Unknown kickstarter.
Always great books! Get in on that!

I’ve inadvertently been doing some sort of Doc Unknown drawing every time a new book is coming out. I was pressed for time, but I wasn’t going to break my streak!

doc framed

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I haven’t posted an alphabands installment since A, just really busy with drawing other stuff. Don’t have a lot of time today so I’m going to keep it simple.

Cat litter + hungry baby =

D is for DANZIG!
baby DAnzig

You may know him from such things as the Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, the library, Wolverine conventions, videos of him being a bit of a jerk and getting knocked out or maybe even pictures of him kitty litter shopping. Regardless of how you feel about the guy, he’s absolutely and icon.

A quick side note, the METAPHASE kickstarter is in it’s final hours and still going strong! We are a bit away from the full color stretch goal. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, please do!!

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Three Dwarves Walk into Some Goblins…

Just finished up a commission last night that I thought I would post some process pics of. You know, for the heck of it. This is one of those commissions where I spent a little too much time on it but, I’m fairly pleased with it, so it wasn’t for nothing!

I was asked to do a mashup of dwarves from various comics/games. Harsk from Pathfinder, Violet from Rat Queens and Shorty from Skullkickers, fighting goblins. Sooo…

I always layout and pencil loose and not very defined. Though, I think I’m just naturally starting to go a little more detailed than I have in the past. Probably something to do with final drawings looking better with a little bit of planning. I don’t know, sounds like witchcraft to me…


I spent a longer time than usual staring at the pencils. I believe my cat said something along the lines of “It’s not gonna meow itself, dork butt.” Of course she totally had a good point. I explained to her that I was trying to decide if I was going to go all gouache on it or stick with ink. Because that matters! She walked off and ignored me and I decided to stick with ink and ink wash…


I basically decided about halfway through inking that I might do a process post, so that’s why you get half magic in the inking stage. Roll your d20 to see if you make a full magic stage in the next pic… SUCCESS!! You roll a 10 or better and get gray tones all over it!


True story: the cat sat next to me on a stool while I added a pretty good portion of the color washes. Crazy, right!?
Here is the final product…

pathfinder commission

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Time for another round of the alphabet project! I only had time to take part in a small portion of Alphabots and that bummed me out! When the decision was made to do bands this time around I really didn’t want to miss out.

I decided to do baby versions of punk/hardcore bands. Though I think there might be some metal bands in there as well. Seeing as how I’m pretty busy I needed to pick something quick for A to kick things off. After much back and forth on first name vs. last name and subject matter vs. time I made a decision late last night and….

A is for Allin (GG)
gg allin baby

While I’m still a little uneasy about doing GG Allin for A, the image itself is a good representation of what I want to do for this project. Plus, GG Allin is a powerful visual, heh heh. I had laid out an Anthrax, but I just didn’t have time to get it finished. Also considered Avail and ANTiSEEN (which led to the decision to do Allin.) There was also a brief courting of At the Drive In… mostly, one dude won over multiple dudes time wise.

Next time I’ll write more about the band. This time I’ll say look up GG Allin if you are unfamiliar. Don’t look him up with your kid in your lap.

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The day is here! METAPHASE writer, Chip Reece, has kicked of the kickstarter kick for METAPHASE!

metaphase cover pass2

If you’re unfamiliar with METAPHASE, it’s a story that follows a super hero who happens to have Down Syndrome. The story Chip has written draws it’s inspiration from his own personal experiences with his son, Ollie (who also shared his name with the books main character. I’m drawing the book and Peter Simeti is lettering (of Alterna Comics and also letterer on EGO TRIPP with me). I feel like I do a horrible job explaining the book, so I think I’ll let Chip and Ollie do it for me via THE METAPHASE KICKSTARTER!

You can also check out the preview issue if you never got a chance for free on Comixology!

This is a project with a lot of heart and we appreciate anything you can do by way of sharing, donating, both or skywriting!

Don’t forget to check out all of the rewards as well! We have been lucky enough to have a lot of fantastic artists offer up new art for pin up’s and prints!

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Here we are at the beginning of 2014. It’s already looking to be a pretty busy year for me and I have loads to talk about but, I’ll just touch on a couple of the more important things…

Perhaps the most important thing! Good news everyone! I’ll be done drawing THE CABINET within the next couple weeks! It’s like I’m yelling at you because I keep using exclamation marks!!!
It’s true though. There are less than 20 pages left to draw. I’ve been bouncing back and forth on other projects and doing big chunks of this book for awhile now. It’s finally almost here and should be available to all the Kickstrter backer really soon. I’m also going to be getting started on some of the reward drawings for backers that have ‘em coming in the next week or so.

Here’s a page to whet your whistler:
cabinet for blog

The web comic I’m drawing that’s written by Ross Thibodeaux and lettered by Peter Simeti, EGO TRIPP had a short break over the holidays and is back today with a new installment! While I’m finishing up THE CABINET we are changing up the schedule a bit so keep an eye on it! READ EGO TRIPP!

Yes, METAPHASE is finally moving again. Writer Chip Reece is finalizing the details for the Kickstarter and that should begin sometime in the next couple weeks. There are a lot of great artists that have done some drawings to help out and there will be a lot of cool stuff. I finished a new cover for the book the other day and here is a peek..

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 8.52.10 PM

Of course there will be more on the kickstarter once it launches.

I’m still doing things with Grayhaven Comics here and there when I have a minute. I’ve recently done a couple covers for them too. One is for the PUBLIC DOMAIN anthology.

It looks a little like this…
pd coversmall

I also illustrated a story in that book that I’m pretty happy with.

The other is for the HEY KIDS FANTASY anthology. I just did this one over the last couple days. It’s the first time I’ve painted a cover, it was fun!

It resembles this…
GH Fantasy coversmall

I also have a couple other stories in other books from them as well.

And it’s just the first of the year! I haven’t even mentioned the Sci Fi thing I’m working on with Antony Del Col (of KILL SHAKESPEARE) yet!

I’m also going to be at a few cons this year, so keep an eye out!

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I’m drawing a new web comic! (and a quick THE CABINET update.

I was wondering yesterday why I don’t have a blog, then I remembered I do! It’s been a hectic year, between all the hospital dramas at the beginning and the scurrying to get caught up as more and more projects came across my table. It’s been hard to find time to keep up with these posts. I’m crossing my fingers that I can start posting here a bit more regularly soon.

For today though, I just wanted to post something really quickly announcing that a webcomic I’ve been working on with writer Ross Thibodeaux (being lettered by Peter Simeti) is launching tomorrow (Sunday, December 8th). It’s called EGO TRIPP and pays some homage to old newspaper comics by way of nods to Dick Tracy and the like. It’s a bit of comedy with a smidgen of noir with a nice thick layer of surprises! It’s pretty exciting. We’re going with a goal of 8 pages every Sunday. So that’s plenty to look forward to!


You can follow the adventures of Tripp Fenton every Sunday at

Now for a quick and simple update on THE CABINET.
Christian Sager sent me the final script for the 5th and final chapter earlier this week! I’m finishing up chapter 4 this weekend. So, there are less than 30 pages to draw and THE CABINET is finished! I am going to post more on that later this week along with a new preview page or two. Thanks to everyone who has been waiting! Your patients is appreciated and will be paying off REALLY SOON!!

Got a couple other things going on right now, can’t wait to talk about them! For now, gotta get back to drawing them comics!

Oh, also, A couple kickstarter shout outs…

Memoirs of the Mysterious is an anthology featuring a ton of talented folks, somehow I drew a story that is included in it as well! Give it a look and consider it HERE

My good friend Jamie Guy, who some of you may remember as my collaborator on the old CO-OP web comic, is heading up development on a sweet new action platformer video game! I even did a little work on some of the characters. It’s getting down to it’s final days, so give it a look LOBODESTROYO!

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